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Opened in the spring of 2005, Al-Azhar Park is one of the world`s sixty largest public spaces. This wonderful park was offered to Cairo by Aga Khan IV, as a gift, and its development costs are estimated at 30 million $. The park is a part of a bigger project that includes historical objectives restoration as well as archeological aspects. The park has 74 acre (30 hectare) and is a very important touristic attraction, being situated in the center of the Islamic Cairo. The ancient city Fatimid is the Al-Azhar Park western neighbor, rich in mausolea, madrasas and mosques. The City of the Dead – well known for its numerous luxurious emplacements - is in the eastern vicinity of the park. In the south are the Ayyubid Citadel and the Sultan Hassan Mosque. Al Azhar Park welcomes its visitors with a special playing area for children, sports fields, shadowy alleys, a museum, an amphitheater, café shops placed on the like shores and an amazing restaurant, on the top of the hill. The restaurants’ garden offers a divine Citadel view as well as the possibility to see real columns from marble and manual stonework. The park various vegetation is another beautiful attraction: various speciess, many of them Egyptians, dry vegetation as well as succulent, lawns with wonderful grass, traditional gardens and wonderful landscapes. Al Azhar Park`s historical value is high since it includes the Ayyubid wall, recently discovered but constructed almost eight hundred years ago by Salah El Din. The park also brought very needed and significant green spaces to the arid area of Cairo, one of the most populated cities in the world as well as a revitalization of some precious Islamic holdovers.



Egypt Al Azhar Park


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Egypt Al Azhar Park


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