Egypt Bricks of Egypt


Egypt Bricks of Egypt



The name of Egypt is not related only to the pharaohs and mummies but also to a very funny and captivating game called the Bricks of Egypt. It is a game that can be played by anyone, no matter the age.

The game has three important steps which will take you to an amazing trip through the Egypt's world of fire-balls, hieroglyphs, gems, lasers and traps. The Bricks of Egypt action is the one of classic breaking of bricks. All you have to do is to be ready for a game that is so fun that will make you addicted to it!

The game can be controlled with the mouse, the white ball has to be cached on the plate and also the ball has to be deviated to break the bricks.


Bricks of Egypt 

The treasures of the Egypt`s pharaohs are waiting for you to discover them, so go ahead and brake the bricks.


The ancient Egypt's challenges are conquered by numerous people who love this game. If you want to got some special powers, to gather gems, you have to break through the ancient Egypt`s walls.

Take the challenges of every level of the game to get to the tomb of Tutankhamen, with a trip full of sounds through the beautiful art of Egypt.


To release the ball you must press the mouse` s left button and when the it bounces the wall you have to hit the ball back. It may be necessary to do more than one hit to destroy some walls.


Be careful not to catch red coins because they have the mission to hinder you. For a boost you must catch the green coins. The first time you have to pick a level of the game that you want to play. The default level pack is represented by Tutankhamen.




The second step is to align the ball in the paddle center, this being the start of the game. If you are ready to start the game then press the mouse left button to introduce the ball to the game. You will complete a level and can go to the next one when you will break the all segments of the wall that are on the board.


Sometimes in the game appear the ankhs or the gems which are bonus items. It will fall down if you break the bricks that are below the items. Be careful to catch the items with the paddle and take the bonus, because if you don`t, you may loose the whole game.




Some people have troubles with earning the mastery badge from level 10 but if you hit the yellow and blue bricks from the level 8 you make points. So you just have to hit them till you got the needed number of points and after that break the rest of the bricks to finish the level and in this way you will get to the mastery badge. Have fun!



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