Egypt road in the desert







When you think about Egypt's Black Desert you may imagine that there is no road in the desert but only sand. But if you have in plan to go to a desert holiday you should not worry, there is at least one paved road for the cars in every touristic area. Of course, on the road can be some sand traces brought by the wind or by a sand storm. For example, the Asuit road that makes the connection between Cairo and Fayyoum is just one of the roads that connect the desert with the rest of the country. There are also paved desert roads between the Western Desert's oasis. The modern roads allowed the people of these places to explore the vicinity, to discover more; and also, due to the modern roads, in the century's last quarter the population of the Bahariya increased, as well as the number of the tourists. If you will ever have the chance to travel on a desert road with the car, you will be delighted by the endless road that has no signs miles after miles. Or, in the night, by the shimmering of the lorries` lights that can be seen from your car. There are people who said that after living the road, it wasn't the same atmosphere. Don't worry if you can't take your personal car with you in desert, there are numerous cars to rent in the desert with drivers that know very well the roads, so all you will have to do is to stay relaxed on your car seat, to enjoy the superb view and to make some photos of these amazing places.



Egypt Road in the Desert


Egypt Black Desert


Black Desert


Egypt Ancient Egypt


Ancient Egypt


Egypt Bahariya Oases


 Bahariya Oases


Egypt Black and White Desert


 Black and White


Egypt Black Basalt


Black Basalt


Egypt Desert Charcoal


Desert Charcoal


Egypt Desert in Egypt


Desert in Egypt


Egypt Desert Safari


Desert Safari


Egypt Desert Tours


Desert Tours


Egypt Hills in the Desert


Hills in the Desert


Egypt Holiday


Egypt Holiday


Egypt Nile Valley


Egypt Nile Valley


Egypt Picture

Egypt Picture


Egypt Pyramid Mountain

Pyramid Mountain


Egypt Road in the Desert

Road in the Desert






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