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Pyramids, temples, mummies, tombs, the oldest civilization in the history, one of the most visited country in the world, a fascinating desert, this is the Egypt picture. Having as neighbor two seas, the Red one and the Mediterranean one, and the country of Israel, Sudan, Libya and the Gaza Strip, Egypt is itself a treasure of the world. The civilization and the history of this country represent a mystery that fascinates thousands and thousands of people. A great part of them come to visit this country or have in plan to do it. The touristic possibilities are very numerous and various; the tourists can choose to make a tour of the important Egypt's cities: Cairo, Alexandria, Luxor, Sharm El Sheikh, Aswan, Giza, Suez, or a tour of the Egyptian desert which is a true adventure. The tourists can choose to visit the Eastern Desert with its hills, mountains and the White House, the Western Desert with its oasis Fayoum, Bahariya and Siwa, with its Crystal Mountain and Akabat, with the amazing Black Desert and White Desert; or, they can choose the Sinai Desert, another fascinating desert area. If the visitors prefer the Egypt's seaside, they can spend unforgettable holidays in Hurghada, which is situated at 500 kilometers from Cairo and which has a perfect clime for a bath in the sea and for nautical sports. El gouna, also called the “Egypt`s little Venice”, I s another seaside, located at couple of minutes from Hurghada, and having a unique and diverse architecture. The seaside has many modern hotels, a golf terrain, bazaars and shops, an airport, a post office, clubs, restaurants, diving centers, a riding base, and a well known casino. Sharm el sheikh is the most beautiful seaside, having nightclubs, casinos, nautical sports, golf classes and diving base.



Egypt Picture


Egypt Black Desert


Black Desert


Egypt Ancient Egypt


Ancient Egypt


Egypt Bahariya Oases


 Bahariya Oases


Egypt Black and White Desert


 Black and White


Egypt Black Basalt


Black Basalt


Egypt Desert Charcoal


Desert Charcoal


Egypt Desert in Egypt


Desert in Egypt


Egypt Desert Safari


Desert Safari


Egypt Desert Tours


Desert Tours


Egypt Hills in the Desert


Hills in the Desert


Egypt Holiday


Egypt Holiday


Egypt Nile Valley


Egypt Nile Valley


Egypt Picture

Egypt Picture


Egypt Pyramid Mountain

Pyramid Mountain


Egypt Road in the Desert

Road in the Desert






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