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An Egypt holiday is definitely an experience that you will never forget. First step will be to contact a tourism agency, if you intend to use their services instead of going on your own. Then, you maybe should pay a visit to the Egypt's embassy in your country to find the details about the visa. Egypt has so numerous attractions that it is hard to say what to start with. Some of the most visited towns in Egypt are Cairo, Alexandria, Luxor, Giza or Sharm El Sheikh. No matter where you chose to go in Egypt, the accommodation will be no problem since numerous hotels, of different types are all over the country. You won't stay in your hotel room too much, anyway, because the numerous and various attractions are expecting for you. You can start with the Egyptian Museum from Cairo, where we can see an impressive collection of the artifacts found in the Tutankhamun`s tomb, like the pharaoh's funerary mask, his throne and his sarcophagus, a golden chariot an many more. In Cairo are also numerous mosques, churches and monasteries, such as the Al-Azhar Mosque, Sultan Hassan Mosque, the Hanging Church, the monastery and church of Saint George. In Alexandria you can visit the famous Library of Alexandria or the Royal Jewelry Museum. Luxor is also a rich city in beautiful places to see: the Karnak Temple, the Mummification Museum, the Luxor Museum, the Valley of the Queens and the Valley of the Kings. Of course will you not want to miss the Egypt's number one attraction: the pyramids. The Great Pyramid of Khufu (Cheops), the Sphinx, the Great Pyramid of Khafre, the Pyramid of Menkaure and other will take your breath away. One Egypt holiday will make you want to come back soon in this amazing country.



Egypt Holiday


Egypt Black Desert


Black Desert


Egypt Ancient Egypt


Ancient Egypt


Egypt Bahariya Oases


 Bahariya Oases


Egypt Black and White Desert


 Black and White


Egypt Black Basalt


Black Basalt


Egypt Desert Charcoal


Desert Charcoal


Egypt Desert in Egypt


Desert in Egypt


Egypt Desert Safari


Desert Safari


Egypt Desert Tours


Desert Tours


Egypt Hills in the Desert


Hills in the Desert


Egypt Holiday


Egypt Holiday


Egypt Nile Valley


Egypt Nile Valley


Egypt Picture

Egypt Picture


Egypt Pyramid Mountain

Pyramid Mountain


Egypt Road in the Desert

Road in the Desert






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