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Desert tours in Egypt are definitely an adventure and a life experience. There are tourism agencies that offer you different types of tours in the Egyptian desert. For example, you can choose a tour in the Western Desert, to explore the formations of mushroom, enjoy the beautiful views of the Baharyia Oasis and of the Farafra Oasis where the landscape is covered with lovely orchards and plantations of delicious dates. The desert offers so many amazing aspects that make it incredible and unique. In the White Desert tour you can see how a huge sand sea co-exists with some white rocks or you can feel your feet delving into the hot sand. A spectacular show is offered by the shifting sands that make waves which seem to be endless.  From there you can go to the Farafra Oasis (where you can visit the Bedouin Museum) and to the Kharga Oasis (passing through another oasis town - Dakhla), where the main attractions are the dunes of sand from Gharsa el Llivha and an ancient irrigation system from Um Dabadeb. The tour can continue with the Nile`s western bank, in the famous Valley of the Queens and Valley of the Kings. Here are other touristic attractions, such as the temples and the tombs.  The most important parts of Egypt can be seen in a practical way, by using the boat on a Nile cruise.  You can also choose a tour that includes visits in Luxor, at the Luxor temple, or visits in Cairo, where the attractions are extremely varied.  As the sun is very shiny in the desert, don`t forget to take the sun glasses with you, as well as a hat or something else to cover your head with. The long clothes, in light colors, are also recommended for desert tours.



Egypt Desert Tours


Egypt Black Desert


Black Desert


Egypt Ancient Egypt


Ancient Egypt


Egypt Bahariya Oases


 Bahariya Oases


Egypt Black and White Desert


 Black and White


Egypt Black Basalt


Black Basalt


Egypt Desert Charcoal


Desert Charcoal


Egypt Desert in Egypt


Desert in Egypt


Egypt Desert Safari


Desert Safari


Egypt Desert Tours


Desert Tours


Egypt Hills in the Desert


Hills in the Desert


Egypt Holiday


Egypt Holiday


Egypt Nile Valley


Egypt Nile Valley


Egypt Picture

Egypt Picture


Egypt Pyramid Mountain

Pyramid Mountain


Egypt Road in the Desert

Road in the Desert






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