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The locals of the Egypt`s desert are called Bedouins. The livelihood of this people is assured by the desert resources; the collection of medical plants, the pastoralism`s subsistence tactics, the desert charcoal production represent the main base for the desert locals livelihood. The inhabitants of the Egypt`s desert are very aware of their habitat and know how to use their resources in a productive way. They grow wood that is used as fuel, such as Tamarix nilotica, Salvadora persica, Acacia raddiana and Acacia ehrenbergiana, the last two being more valuable, economically speaking, than the first two. They are also very efficient as desert charcoal; only in Wadi Allaqi (situated in the Egypt's Eastern Desert) the desert charcoal production in 1997 was about eighteen tons estimated at almost LE 32,400. Bio-diversity plays a main role in the desert's inhabitants life. That's why there must a plan of management regarding the way in which the desert's natural resources are influenced by the tourists or visitors. Some of these tourists don't follows the rule of utilizing just the trees` dead branches as fuel. A control of the desert traffic is required, specific path must be fixed and also respected, with the purpose of not affecting the soil's seed banks. The cultivation of indigenous plants that can be used as fuel as well as the cultivation of these plants for the medical use must be encouraged. The supplying of the local fodder must be improved, too. The variability of the geological and geographical factors in desert must be evaluated before making the plans above mentioned. And, of course, all kinds of programs must be created in cooperation with the desert's local people, because they know what is best for the Egypt` desert to continue to be the wonder that everybody wants to see.



Egypt Desert Charcoal


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Egypt Desert Charcoal


Desert Charcoal


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