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Bahariya Oases is situated in Egypt, in the Giza Governorate, at 300 kilometers distance from the country`s capital Cairo. Bawiti is the most important village in Bahariya, being the center of administration of this region. Bawiti's twin village is Qasr. Another villages in Bahariya are: el Zabu, Mandishah (both of them situated in East) Aguz (a small village situated between Mandishah and Bawiti), and Harrah (situated in the east of el Zabu and Mandishah). The main income source of the Bahariya Oases is the agriculture. The most cultivated products are the olives, the mangos, the guavas and the dates. Also, numerous Wahati people (the name of the Bahariya Oases citizens) work in the industry of iron ores that is in the Bahariya`s vicinity. The newest income source for the locals is the tourism, the Bahariya Oasis bringing more and more international tourists. The main touristic attractions are the antiquities represented by the artifacts that were discovered in this Egypt's region, also the mummies, the tombs, the art museum. The tourists are as well attracted by the beauty of the deserts that surrounds Bahariya Oasis. More than 34 tombs were discovered by the excavations that started in 1996. Another captivating detail is that inside the Bahariya Oasis are located the Alexander the Great temple's ruins. The Bahariya Oasis `s modernization begun with 30 years ago, with the asphalting of the road that makes the connection between Bahariya and Cairo, a process that ended in the 70s. Other accessible routes between these two areas, the television, the electricity, the telephone lines and the cars made from Bahariya Oasis the most modern oasis in Egypt. Also, an important change was suffered by the Wahati people's language, receiving new influences since the dialect of Cairenes can be heard in music and on the television.



Egypt Bahariya Oases


Egypt Black Desert


Black Desert


Egypt Ancient Egypt


Ancient Egypt


Egypt Bahariya Oases


 Bahariya Oases


Egypt Black and White Desert


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